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Software Division

image Advertising.Partners

Advertising.Partners is an integrated project management, media and financial accounting system designed exclusively for today`s advertising and media agencies.

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image Financials.Partners

Business operations of large and medium institutions have many complexities requiring simple workflows to achieve efficiency and use of resources at optimum level. Accuracy in results is also a critical factor to run business smoothly and cost effectively. With paperless and automated workflow approach, Financials.Partners helps to reduce movement of printed information from one desk to other and provides Business insight for better decision making.

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image Hospital.Partners

Hospitals.Partners covers operational domains of a hospital with real-time integration with Financial Accounts, Inventory, Purchase/Payable, Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology and ER making Hospitals.Partners a complete suite.

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image People.Partners

People.Partners is a turn-key solution containing all-in-one-HR ingredients. Due to its modular architecture you can implement selected modules as per your plan and budget.

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image Process.Partners

Process.Partners has been developed specifically to help you with your IT Governance initiatives. It is not a generic GRC tool that claims to support IT Governance frameworks. It is the only tool that is built around the COBIT 5 framework utilizing ISACA recommended process structure and implementation cycle. Its comprehensive and intuitive features help you align your organizational strategy, structures, processes and governance initiatives to best practices with proven results that are used by thousands of professionals worldwide.

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Pharma Service Division

Pharmabridge is a product of Softronic Systems (Pvt.)Ltd and was developed by our Pharmaceutical services division.
The portal was created with the idea of making the pakistani pharmaceutical industry more competitive and proactive in a rapidly evolving,global business environment by providing it access to a wide-ranging information database.

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