Business operations of large and medium institutions have many complexities requiring simple workflows to achieve efficiency and use of resources at optimum level. Accuracy in results is also a critical factor to run business smoothly and cost effectively. With paperless and automated workflow approach, Financials.Partners helps to reduce movement of printed information from one desk to other and provides Business insight for better decision making.


Real time integrated approach embedded in Financials.Partners instantly updates all information right from originating transactions till financial data involving payable, receivable and others.


Integrated modules of  Financials.Partners are as under:


  • Financial Accounts
  • Cheque Writing
  • Sales & Receivable
  • Purchase & Payables
  • Materials Inventory
  • Finished Goods Inventory
  • Production and Material Planning
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Fixed Assets
  • Imports and Export


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Executive Summary


ERP solution for trading concerns is comprised of multiple modules.  These are integrated and share common database(s).  A global setup and configuration is a part of the software solution, whereby commonly shared database(s) are first created before implementation is initiated.  The web based sales & stock with secondary sales has major attributes as below:


  • Best Practices
  • Workflow Automation
  • Electronic approval and signatures, where necessary
  • Paperless approach to a maximum extent
  • Primary and Secondary sales
  • Real time
  • System based audits and controls


Sales & Stock Management


Web based Sales & Stock Management application integrated with Financial Accounts consists of following business processes and functions:


  • Multiple Items/Products Categories, cities, territories and sales force.
  • Multiple Stock Locations
  • Principal/Supplier with authorized
  • Principal / Supplier and Item Category Mapping
  • Detailed Item/Product profile
  • Customer profile
  • Distributor, branches and sales office definitions.
  • Sales Forecast
  • Parts/Reagents/Accessories/Consumables against items
  • Services
  • User and Branch Mapping to work only for authorized branches or category (ies) of items/products.
  • General Setup
  • Stock Receiving
  • Landed cost against received stock
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Challan
  • Invoices against delivery challans with automatic JV generation for posting in financial accounts.
  • Return of Item(s) Issued through Delivery Challan or against invoice.
  • Cash Sales
  • Invoice against Services
  • Payment Receipt
  • Adjustment of Invoice(s)/Debit Note(s) against Payment Receipt
  • Purchase Return
  • Debit/Credit Note and automatic vouchers generation in financial accounts.
  • Item(s) Received on Loan or Issued on loan and returns.
  • Real-time availability of data related to secondary sales.
  • Posting of automatically generated vouchers in financial account


Secondary Sales


Distributors/Branches or Sales Offices can make their own delivery challans/invoices or cash memos and receive payment as advance or against invoice.  Transactional data is received in the main system’s database on real-time basis.


There are over thirty reports covering all business process, focusing on:


  • Orders and sales
  • Stock
  • Deliveries
  • Real-time Distributor/Branches/Sales Office Stock and Sales.
  • Invoices
  • Receiving of payments and advances
  • Receivables with aging for customers and territories.
  • Real-time updating of secondary sales
  • Sales targets




Below business processes relevant to imports are also part of the solution:


  • Imports Purchase Order.
  • Downloading of shipment data through MS-Excel worksheet.
  • Lot Book.
  • GRN of Imported Items.
  • Receiving of stock at desired stock location.


Financial Accounts Management


Financial Accounts Management Application integrated with Sales & Stock has various business processes & functionalities, broadly mentioned below:


  • User definable chart of accounts having 13 characters.
  • Categorization of accounts including multiple setups for journals, departments, cost centers, sub cost centers and cost heads.
  • Journal setup
  • Pre-defined multiple templates for Bank Payment/Receipt vouchers, Cash Payment/Receipt voucher and Journal vouchers.
  • Budget allocation for departments and cost and sub cost centers.
  • Automated work flow and electronic approvals for approval and reversal including voucher posting and un-posting.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Transaction transfer.
  • Year-end process.
  • Ledgers with multiple parameters.
  • Trial balance with multiple parameters and formats.
  • User definable multiple formats and calculations for P/L Statements and Balance Sheet.
  • Notes/Schedule for P/L Statement.
  • Electronic image attachment like bill, agreement, proposal with vouchers eliminating filing work.
  • Budget and variance reports.


Collectively there are over forty reports in Financial Accounts module.


This software solution is provided with security management and definable access rights for individual users.  Using this feature may be allowed to make any or all transaction including viewing or printing of reports.  Distributors/Branches/Sale Offices can deal with and view their respective data only.


Security & Users’ Access Rights

This software solution is provided with complete security management.  Using this security management any of its user interfaces, report or any function may be restricted for a particular user or a group of user.


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