Hospital.Partners (Hospital Management System) covers operational domains of a hospital with real-time integration with Financial Accounts, Inventory, Purchase/Payable, Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology and ER making Hospital.Partners a complete suite. Major business processes covered are:


  • Appointment for OPD Patients (Optional)
  • OPD Patients Registration
  • ER Registration & billing or transfer as indoor patient
  • Room/bed reservation for indoor patients
  • Census
  • Indoor Patients Registration & Admission with lifetime Id for each patient
  • Pharmacy Management; cash and credit sales
  • Electronic Requisitions for Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology and diagnostic services
  • Automatic application of room/bed charges, medicine cost, lab/radiology/diagnostic and other daily charges.
  • Patients discharge
  • Medicines refunds
  • Surgeon and procedure wise packages with no. of admission days, medicines and services
  • Operation theater scheduling
  • Procedure wise definition of medicines and consumables
  • Real-time and instant running bill of indoor patients
  • Automatic birth certificate, discharge/follow-up notes and death certificate
  • Corporate OPD & IP billing
  • Doctors/Consultants share
  • Instant, hassle free & accurate bills upon discharge for private & corporate patients
  • Purchase and payables related workflows
  • Shelf and par level items definition and batch wise stock with expiry
  • Fixed Assets Management with multiple depreciation policies.
  • Patients Diet Management
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Paperless approach to a maximum level
  • Workflow based automation
  • Multi location inventory management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Patients’ history with vitals, doctors and nursing notes with date and time stamp
  • Dashboard


Hospital.Partners provides various statistical analysis apart from routinely required information like head wise revenue collection and receivables/payables management etc. So you greatly benefit through elimination of pilferages, reduced operating cost and more profits with enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Real time approach enables managers and administrator to evaluate critical areas in a proactive manner. The solution is offered with training and implementation support making it functional in soonest possible time. Reduced printing and automated workflows with e-mail alerts and electronic approvals make Hospital.Partners a convenient and efficient software solution.


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Minimize time and maximize profitability while providing outstanding patient care.


Analyze and get visibility on key business information indicating profitability, giving an opportunity to increase efficiency with focused patient care.


Hospital.Partners (Clinic Edition) is a complete web based Clinic Management solution.This easy-to-use software solution features electronic appointments, optional SMS reminders for appointments, electronic prescriptions, lab/radiology test. Among other capabilities, embedded Document Management delivers updated and most current medical record for every patient.


Receiving cash, generation of payment receipt for consultation charges, sending bills for panel patients, it’s all made hassle-free where Patient matters, time is a critical factor. 


Managing patient files, pile of papers including but not limited to prescriptions, lab and radiology advices, treatment and investigation notes is a cumbrous undertaking. Having papers lost or become staled or destroyed for various reasons is a common phenomenon. Consultants are desperate for utilizing their time for patients care instead of doing paper-based management. Their assistants and co-workers need to work for appointments, follow-ups, managing files in an effective and efficient manner. This may not be possible at some of the time and may cause serious concerns in treating a patient and managing related affairs. Having capability of retaining previous prescription, lab and radiology reports for individual patient including notes and vitals i.e. EMR renders an outstanding edge in treating a patient.  Thus, patients feel well-cared.


This infuses confidence and trust among patients that not only they are treated, but their historical data is also accessible all the time being in safe hands.


Patients and Revenue Dashboard keeps you updated about the trend, providing decision support data. You can view or print reports spanning patients’ turnover and revenue, giving full access to your professional and financial data on real-time basis. You may also require access to daily appointments or medical history of patients (while in office or away); Yes, you can, using your laptop, tablet or even cellphone.




  • Appointments
  • Patient Registration with Lifetime ID
  • Document Management (Old Prescription, Lab and Radiology Reports)
  • Vitals with History Charts
  • Family History
  • Medical History
  • Allergies
  • Habits
  • Consultation Fee Collection
  • Panel Patients Statics with revenue
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Electronic Lab and Radiology advices
  • EMR
  • Dashboard and other statistical reports


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