Why Softronic

An established company (since 1985) you can rely on for continuous support in future.

Softronic is part of The Kohinoor Group (established in the 40s), with presence in various industries including Cosmetics, Toiletries, Chemicals, Dry Batteries, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and IT.

Having focused and experienced teams for each product, we give you the depth in implementation why many cannot offer.

Having profundity in solutions, you can achieve scalability and integration between various segments of ERP/MRP.

Due to our strong customer base, we understand the needs of numerous industries and are already geared to offer you a solution, without the tedious learning curve.

With our innovation wheels turning 24/7, we strive continuously in our progression towards maintaining excellence in processes as well as product and service.

We give highest priority to customer satisfaction and follow through on our commitment. This can be attested to by our customers.