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May 02, 2017 Softronic and Cambridge Garments, sign an agreement for implementation of People.Partners (HR Software)

Cambridge is a men’s apparel brand that excels in men’s corporate and casual wear, from garments to accessories. In a similar fashion, Cambridge also strives for perfection to create a product that is well-deserving of its owner.


March 06, 2017 Softronic and TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd., sign an agreement for implementation of their new version of People.Partners (HR Software).

TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. is the holding company of TPL group and has diversified investments in various companies. The company was formerly known as Trakker (Pvt.) Ltd. which was the operational company at that time. As a result of a scheme of arrangements in 2009, Trakker (Pvt.) Ltd. was transformed into the current holding company by transferring all of its assets & liabilities to TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd.

January 23, 2017 South City Hospital and Softronic sign an agreement for implementation of the new version of People.Partners (HR Software).

South City Hospital is one of the most trusted institutions in healthcare. It is a privately owned hospital located in Karachi-Pakistan that provides facilities covering a wide range of specialties, with an aim to provide high quality medical services in a comfortable and deluxe environment. South City Hospital is dedicated to a patient-first philosophy that merges care, compassion and medical excellence with a focus on customer-care services.